Answers You Will Receive… …when choosing Integrity Inspection Services

The Company…

1. Integrity Inspection Services is not involved in any other business. In accordance with the Wisconsin Standards of Practice, we do not participate in any referral or construction related activities. It represents a conflict of interest.

2. Integrity Inspection Services LLC does carry Errors & Omissions insurance.

3. Buyers are strongly encouraged to attend the inspection. Buyers that attend have a better understanding of the property as viewed by the inspector and are better able to read and interpret the final report. The buyer’s attendance also helps them understand the scope of a home inspection as well as the limitations.

4. An inspection can usually be scheduled within a week.

5. A typical inspection of a 2000 square foot house will take roughly 2.5 hours.

The Inspector…

1. I have extensive experience in performing home inspections. (Over 6000) In addition, I have completed the industry’s most extensive training program.

2. I am and active member of WAHI. The Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors® is a non-profit professional society dedicated to establishing standards of excellence for professional home inspectors.

3. The founder, Keith Vanevenhoven has over 30 years of engineering and inspection experience and is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors WAHI.

The Report…

1. The inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size and age of the house. Radon testing is also available. An electronic monitor is typically deployed 2 days before the home inspection so the results will be available at the inspection.
Call our office at (920)948-8529 for a specific quotation.

Note: I do not answer the phone while on an inspection with another client. I will call back afterward.

2. A full inspection covers the Site/Grounds, Exterior, Structural Components, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC, Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Interior.

3. I prepare a digital report with documentation and pictures. Included is a Report Summary that will let you quickly review the major items in the report.

4. You can receive a sample report by contacting our office.

5. Yes, our reports conform to (and exceed) the Wisconsin Standards of Practice.